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Have you ever considered exchanging your regular hot water cylinder (more commonly known as a geyser) for an efficient money saving solar geyser? Solar water heaters contain an array of benefits that let you save on your monthly bills and during this unpredictable time of electricity prices in South Africa, the opportunity to save money is an advantage that you should take notice of. Solar powered geysers provide your home with the same amount of hot water that you need to perform your daily functions at a fraction of the price of using a regular geyser.

A solar heating geyser warms up your water naturally by the process of natural convection. The solar collector collects heat from the sun heating the water inside your collector therfore heating the water in your geyser. In South Africa, utilizing a solar power geyser is highly beneficial as we see many more hours of sunshine throughout the year as opposed to other countries.

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Advantages of using a solar water heater in your home:

  • Replacing your regular geyser with a solar geyser will benefit you financially as you will see a considerable reduction in your monthly electricity bill.
  • Solar water heaters on average have been proven to last longer than conventional geysers.
  • Solar power geysers can be used not only on hot sunny days but also on days that are overcast and cloudy. Even though the performance of your solar geyser will be reduced, you will still have access to hot water in your home.
  • By using a solar powered geyser, you are contributing to a reduction in green house gases and therefore helping the environment.

Even though the initial price of purchasing a solar geyser may seem high, the ongoing benefits of having a solar water system in your home will provide you with years of monetary paybacks.

If you wish to make a lifestyle change and help the environment as well as softening the blow of your monthly electricity bill, then purchasing a solar geyser from Enervision will let you enjoy your home's hot water supply without the guilt or worry.


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